Featured Hammer Drills

The hammer drill also termed as a rotary hammer or roto drill is actually a drill which rotates during a hammering process. This hammering action brings about a rapid but short thrust for completely destroying the surface so that the drill penetrates into the hard and brittle surface quickly and also with less effort. Generally they are operated with the help of electricity but nowadays some of them are also available with the latest facility known as the cordless battery option or technology. This technology is usually used with chipping guns or breakers also called as demolition hammers.

These are categorized into low and high power units which are known as hammer drills and rotary hammers respectively. The lower power ones come with a hammering mechanism which is known as cam-action or percussion and in this there are two sets of gears which are toothed and interact mechanically with each other during the hammering process while the drill bit rotates. In the cam-action model, the chuck and the bit moves front and back while rotating on its axis and the movement is based on the rotation of the chuck. This model can be used well without the process of hammering since the cams rotate and cause the hammer to move. Comparatively these are smaller than the other model and mostly have the cordless technology. Their use is limited to occasional drilling of masonry or concrete.

On the contrary the high powered units also known as the rotary models are larger in size and leave a greater impact on the surface as it uses the electro pneumatic hammering technology. In these tools the machine does not touch actually but there is an air pressure created in the inner chamber that provides a better transfer of thrusting energy in comparison to the cam action model. Majority of the hammering units nowadays come with the EP technology wherein the rotary and hammering functions are used together or separately.

It is seen that these tools are extensively used for drilling holes in stones and in masonry. The continuous hammering helps one to break the masonry efficiently and also removed well by the flutes of the drill bit. The market is flooded with various kinds of drivers and drilling machines and this can very well confuse a buyer but there are many other special features which can definitely attract the consumer. Most of them are used by contractors and professionals who deal with installation of electrical boxes and many other different fixtures which need to be attached to the brick walls for instance cabinets and shelves.